I have been TAGGED!

Joanne  tagged me to share seven weird/random things about myself.

Very fun!

1. I HATE dirty feet.  I wash my feet about 5-10 times a day.  I cant concentrate if my feet are dirty.

2. I have an irrational obsession with candles, comfy socks, eclectic decoration, Mary Poppins, magazines and buttons.

3. I have an alter ego.  While I LOVE my current job and wouldn’t trade it right now for anything, I have two career paths that I daily obsess about and am not sure which to pursue with all my heart.  I know me, and to pursue both would do them both a disservice, so I will keep dreaming until I make up my mind.

4. I love Matt Lauer. Not in a weird stalker way, but I have been watching the TODAY show every morning since I was about 9 and I feel like he is kinda my dad or big brother.

5. I ALWAYS wear heels.  Flats aren’t my thing. I just bought a pair (out of necessity because of pregnancy) but I have a hard time putting them on in the morning.  I appreciate them on others, but not for me….

6. If possible, I would move to London or NYC in a heartbeat.

7. I’m very patriotic.  I enjoy and am interested in things that have to do with our government, elections (both local and presidential) and foreign policy (although my husband has to explain lots of the concepts to me).  I have signed out house up to be a polling place for the 2008 presidential elections!  I cant wait!!!!

So…who to tag?

How about  Shanna, Emily, and Charlotte ????  HAVE FUN!



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2 responses to “I have been TAGGED!

  1. Kent

    Dirty feet ‘eh?? 5-10 times a day??? You ever heard the phrase, obsessive/compulsive:):)??
    Here is the antithesis of clean feet….I like to make it through the weekend without taking a shower or brushing my teeth:):) I think it is me working out my aggression towards parental oversight:):)

  2. emily

    I CAN’T stand dirty feet either! EEEK…… that is why I am not a big fan of the beach. I shutter when I think of getting dusty sand or even nast TAR on my footsies. I am right there with ya girl! 🙂

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