and evening I usually think about….

So, I have a rather large event at my home tomorrow night (for my precious kids at church) and about 100 small tasks that need to be done around the house, but I have decided to sit on the couch and lounge for the evening.

I figure I will be good to noone tomorrow night if I dont sit down and relax for at least a little while this weekend! My feet are throbbing and all I did was walk around TARGET for an hour to shop for tomorrow night. How is it that my once “speedy jont” has turned into a “painful waddle”? I get tired quicker than I used to!! I had plans to do so much this evening, but all I want to do is lay down! I guess it will be an early wake-up call tomorrow!
For the time being…..I am in jammies, watching a festive movie and talking to my doggie. Soon Sean will come in from outside and join me. (Im sure you will be happy that I documented my evening with pictures too!)

Oh…how perfect the night will be!
I hope you are enjoying your evening too!




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