garage re-visited….

So, Sean and I are doing our first “official” home remodel. We avoid remodeling at all costs—partially because its super expensive and partially because we havent needed too and partially because its alot of work (and I assume just decorate something cute and you dont need to re-do a room).
However…we have wanted to re-do our garage for a long time and we are in the midst of it right now. We thought it smart to start and finish before our baby girl shows up!

Im so excited. We have a friend (who is also one of my Sunday school teachers) who does dry wall and also a close friend (who is our worship director at church) who is a electrician and is re-wiring the entire room for us. I cant tell you how much easier it is to remodel when you know the people and trust them (and you like them!). It has been an awesome experiance and Sean (and I) have learned quite a bit about drywall, framing and overall construction.

I spent the morning with my mom and Ganahal Lumber looking at concrete paint for the floors and fun paint colors for the walls. ooooohhhhhhh its going to look so purty!!!!

Here are some pics of “before” and along with the nursery, I will post the “afters” once we finish!

Remodeling CAN be fun!!!!! :):)




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