happy harvest

I love fall. I love pumpkins. I love friends and I L-O-V-E going to the pumpkin patch to take a few pictures but buying your pumpkins at VONS instead.
I have already gone to the pumpkin patch twice this year and I hope I get to make another visit!

Today I even got to hang out with a penguin and a froggie and some pumpkins. Oh what fun!!!!!






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3 responses to “happy harvest

  1. Stacy

    Hey, I was there too today. I’ve never been around so many pumkins before. This was my first time. Love your pictures!

  2. Pumpkin pictures always look so beautiful and vibrant. And you do too! We’ve been to the pumpkin patch a few too many times this year, but the kids love it!

  3. Look at you, hot mama! You’re just glowing in these pictures…a good glow, not the glow I noticed earlier today that made me grab a tissue and blot my makeup!

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