a love letter to my brother….


I was thinking the yesterday while driving home from work about how much I love my brother. I think it was on my mind because I desire for my own children to care for one another as much as Jonathan and I care for each other. Although we didnt always get along as youngin’s, we have grown to be very close, brought together by so many different situations, both bad and good. We know each other, accept each other and support each other. I know that my joy is Jonathan’s joy and my pain is his. We are best friends and I love him so much. I hope that my children love one another as much as I adore Jonathan-Jo.



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2 responses to “a love letter to my brother….

  1. Such a cool post! Yep, I hope and pray the same things for my girls too. Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when [sisters] live together in harmony!”

  2. Jonathan Strawsburg

    Bout DAMN TIME I GOT MY CREDIT! … errr… I mean… I love you too. Pretty much more than anyone or anything which I dont know if thats really cool or really lame. You rock. So do I. So together… we really rock.

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