a new name, new season and new belly.

1.) A NEW NAME…Yes, Im changing my blog name. While I liked “Adventures….”, it was a bit wordy and I thought that I would rename my blog my “business” name. I use the term loosly, because I havent really started up my business (pregnancy kept me out of the game for a few months)….but I’m back!! If my business of sewing creations ever picks up, CHERRY TREE LANE is the name I want to carry with me. I just love it……can anyone tell me WHY??

2.) A NEW SEASON…My husband and I had the most grand of days yesterday, getting ready for fall/harvest/halloween and the like. We decorated all day and created our first ever Halloween Village from Dept 56. We began by creating the base for the village out of styrafoam and spray painting it…(note sleeping dog)



It took a few hours, but we finally got all the houses up and situated and now we have our own little village with lights and noises and sparkles. Its great at night with all the lights off! Very spooky and fun!



The animals didnt seem to be bothered at all by all the scurrying about….



And the evening is always better when we are with the LeM’s….


3.) A NEW BELLY….. My belly keeps on growing and It has been fun for me to watch. I love it so much. Although, there are times I wonder how big it is going to be. I have about 21 more weeks to go!


Happy Sunday Friends!



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5 responses to “a new name, new season and new belly.

  1. Stacy

    I can’t believe how big your belly is getting! I love it! And your spooky village too!

  2. I’m glad you stumbled over to my blog. I can’t wait to see your sewing creations. You have a really cute belly ;>)

  3. The Halloween Village looks great! Your belly looks very cute.

  4. Woahowowowowowowowow! I think you and I just may be kindred spirits. Halloween is practically my Christmas…that sounds really bad I know.
    I am so ready for it but I can’t let myself do ANY halloween decorating until October 1st…I have a really awful tendency to not “enjoy the present moment” blah blah blah….

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