like a glove….

That is exactly how my friends and family fit me. I was delighted by the thoughtfulness of some of my friends and family this birthday. Of course celebrating a birthday is party enough and presents are just a bonus but who doesnt like getting them? ESPECIALLY when they are so accurate and wonderful and you plan on using them with excitement! That is exactly how I felt this year!! 🙂 I am just filled with glee. My husband, mom and dad (who also found me an ELVIS movie that I wanted), brother (who gave me my gift today) and best friends Mary and Jason all got me DICKENS Christmas Villages for display this year! I cant tell you how much I am anticipating setting up my little whimsical village!


My friend Mary (it’s always a jolly holiday when she is with me) also searched high and low on EBAY and found me this fantastic MARY POPPINS board game from 1964. I was beside myself and have informed Sean that we will be playing it every night before dinner!


Not to mention my wonderful mother in law who brought over some Bobbi Brown makeup (since I have gone the way of CoverGirl now that I dont work at the mall anymore, this was a special treat) and my fabulous friend Nicole who bought me a FALL-tabulous candle burning pumpkin—sooo cute (both of these things are in use currently, so no picture).

How do I have such wonderful family and friends??? I am so blessed!!!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Rachel!
    What wonderful gifts…love the Mary Poppins game and think you need to take a picture of it in play so we can all see how it works.
    And love the picture of your belly poking out!

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