missing NYC.

I am so thankful that I have been able to travel to different places and see different parts of the world and there are times when i miss each place I visited. For many years (and still every now and then) I missed London. I would love to live there. I loved EVERYTHING about it. I dont listen to the criticisms that people have about that city. Despite the heat wave that was occuring while we were there, I fell in love with alllll of it.

However, lately I have been missing New York alot. I went last Dec with 3 girls and it was one of my favorite trips. It was so great. It was the perfect time of year. Right after Christmas and still crisp, cold and filled with holiday buzz. Everything was decorated and there were so many other tourists (which I kinda like). We ate at some interesting places, saw some GREAT sites and saw my favorite musical on Broadway that I have seen thus far. The trip was amazing.

The only sad part is how many things I STILL have to do in NYC. I have a list miles long of the things I still need to do there (as I do for most places I visit). Visiting anytime soon isnt in the cards, but I get so excited for my next visit. It was one of my favorite cities I have ever been to.

I ❤ NY.






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2 responses to “missing NYC.

  1. Girl trips are the BEST! And NY in December is wonderful–I flew there to tell Toben (who was there on a business trip) the happy news I was pregnant the first time.
    Mary Poppins on Broadway? I’m so jealous!

  2. Shanna

    Next time you go I want to go too. I loved it there!

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