The GodFather all weekend….

Well, it’s Monday night and I just completed The Godfather trilogy. I know that most people would laugh at the fact that I hadnt seen them earlier, and I dont know why. My mom and brother have both seen them a million times…I guess I just wasnt at the right place at the right time.
I dont know why I picked this weekend to watch, but once I started, I couldnt stop. They were amazing.

And I liked the third one–several people told me not to waste the time watching it, but I enjoyed it and surprisingly…it was the only movie of the three that I cried during.

The Godfather movies were too good. So many lessons to learn and quotes to remember. I cant wait to watch them again….Its a serious commentary on filmmaking, that an almost 40 year old movie puts to shame the crud that is being shown in theatres today. Supposedly things get better with time, but in the case of classic film making (with the exception of only a few within the last 10 years) nothing touches the movies of old.



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2 responses to “The GodFather all weekend….

  1. I’ve never seen them either! It seems like one of those things that everyone has seen–and I’ve heard lots of quotes from the movies (You’ve Got Mail!), but I’ve never gotten around to watching them.
    Don’t think they’d be great for my kids though… Think I may have to wait and do a Godfather weekend when they’re older or out of town!

  2. Jonathan Strawsburg

    A… MEN… All women should take heed and watch the trilogy. You wont understand Men untill you do.

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