Done!! (and so happy I found it….)

Well, after a hearty lunch with my fabulous SIL and husband, I sat down to read the final installment of
Buy, Buy Baby: How Consumer Culture Manipulates Parents and Harms Young Minds
by Susan Gregory Thomas.

Talk about informative! I believe that I have just found my newest shower gift for all moms to be.
This book is packed with facts and statistics that I believe ALL parents should be aware of. The marketing that is being forced on your child is overwhleming and it is much easier to combat it if you are aware. Well meaning and intelligent parents are allowing certain stimuli (through no fault of their own–just lack of information) to become forfront in their kids lives and it is alarming how children are little adults when it comes to marketing/purchasing and consumerism.

I dont generally make blanket recommendations of literature, but if you are having a child,are a parent, planning on having a child, love your neice/nephew/work with kids or just like to learn….do yourself a favor and buy this book!




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