weight gain, food cravings, and laziness….oh my.

this is the deal. my body has been taken over and it is no longer mine. all I want is to sleep, eat spaghetti and watch tv. i have no motivation to get up early, sit at my sewing machine or go do spontaneous things with Sean like i did about 12 weeks ago. I am nearing the speed of a bear in hibernation…..

HOWEVER–there is one thing that tears me away from Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs….and that is FOOD. it has truly become my best friend. i want it all the time, and it never disapoints. i would be surprised if any mother out there didnt agree when i say: FOOD IS WAY BETTER WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT.

And i just am going to say it right here and right now….
Im not one of those pregnant woman that is going all organic and healthy now that they are pregnant. I want desperatly to be that woman, but i’m not going to pretend. If it means me gaining 15 more pounds than the yoga-master, wild oats shopping, 125 pound at full term, mommy….than Im ok with it. Because I am LOVING ever minute of my cheeseburger and fries.

I have worked HARD the last 10 years to stay fit and in a size 6. I excersise, count points, watch what I eat, go hungry etcetc. I feel like pregnancy is my 9 month reward for all that hard work. I can take it easy and smell the roses (and the steak, and the fried food…).
So, if at 8 months, I resemble something akin to a polar bear….dont worry. I know it. Im one with it. Im owning it.

Off to eat my healthy dinner of Junior Mints and Dr. Pepper….mmmmmmmm…….


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One response to “weight gain, food cravings, and laziness….oh my.

  1. Wanna know a secret? I gained 75-80 pounds with both of my pregnancies. Rocky road ice cream every single day!

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