better than new shoes.

Does anyone else get THIS excited about a new iron?

I’m sure if you are a crafter, you understand my giddyness. Im beside myself! It goes like this…. My husband recieved quite a substantial gift certificate to MACY*S from a family member, which he decided to use a portion of to buy me a new iron! As a surprise (because he’s great like that) and it was waiting at the house for me when I got home! It has a nifty steam function and it even says that it is “smart” and can tell different fabrics etc.
I have been using the same iron that we got for our wedding 5 years ago, and while some irons last forever…our current one died about 4 years ago. I realized that it was time to move on when it left a iron mark on a new apron I made the other day. (you know that fake iron mark that you see appear on shirts on TV and movies when they are making fun of someone for not being good at ironing? Well, that is the mark it leaves all the time….).

All that to say….Im SO excited and I wanted to know if anyone else shares this joy?
I will let you know how the new SHARK “intelligent” iron works!




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3 responses to “better than new shoes.

  1. Some people might think that an iron doesn’t make a romantic gift, but I would LOVE a new iron. It shows that he knows what you like and supports your hobby. :o) Sweet guy. And I’m soooo close to needing a new iron. A smart one would be nice.

  2. That’s a great gift and your husband is very thoughtful. I understand completely…a good iron can make a world of difference! Mine is new but retro looking. It’s silver and turquoise and I love using it.

  3. That is a cool looking iron–so retro!

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