It’s a new day….

Does anyone else ever feel that they have seasons in their lives where soooo many questions are left unanswered and the direction that life has taken doesnt seem like it is heading the “right” way? I have felt like that the past few months, but today, I realized, through experiances and blessings and just plain “talking” with God….that EACH day is a new season. I know that I often sum up times in my life by clumps of months/years. However, each day is a season and a chance for something new and exciting to come in to it. For me, I have seen some things happen and not happen the past few months and would sum it up as a season of difficulty. Some sorrow and sadness. BUT…when i step back and look at the bigger picture….the DAYS and not just the cumulative months/weeks…it looks like the past few months have also been a blessing. Friendships (new and old) have grown, ideas have become clear and my real person has grown.

While things dont always seem to happen the way we want….the Lord has a way of showing us OTHER things He has for us. It may not be what we initally WANTED…but the Lord always finds a way to bless us with exactly the days we must have.

In the words of Mic Jagger (ahh…what a philosopher :))…..
“You cant always get what you want…but if you try some times…you might find….you get what you need.”


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