oh, how sweet!

I saw pins like this at a VERY fabulous store that pretty much every woman LOVES (starts with an A), but will go unmentioned.  They were absurdley priced, and that is where my sewing maching makes her entrance!
I had fun.fun.fun tonight and even listed them on my shop (which was pretty empty)so check it out!
And all this creation while watching "America’s Got Talent" (which clearly, they don’t).  Dandy….Img_6218Img_6217_2


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One response to “oh, how sweet!

  1. Beryl

    Well well my friend, how clever are you!!! Such a fun thing to do and a precious window into you! I loved all of it, but little Esty was down for some maintance so I’ll have to try back later. Your pins are CCCCCUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTEeeeeeeee! It seems like you have an idea that then blossoms into more. Kinda like when I’m playing with my jewels one idea feeds another and another, your purses too!

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